Waxing Treatments

Perron Rigot Waxing is the perfect way to remove unwanted body hair and stay fuzz free!

If you've never been waxed before, please make sure your hair is approximately ½cm length to ensure all the hairs are removed. The majority of our waxing is strip warm wax, but we also offer hot waxing for:

  • bikini waxing
  • extended bikini waxing
  • brazilian waxing
  • hollywood waxing

Hot wax is a less painful option for the bikini area. We use brand leader Perron Rigot hot wax, once you've tried a Hot Wax Bikini you won't want to go back to warm wax again!

Once you have been waxed you cannot use a sunbed or sunbathe for 24hrs.

Did you know we also sell Waxing Gift Vouchers?

Waxing Prices


Lip or Chin

Lip and Chin

Half Leg

3/4 Leg

Full Leg



Full Arm



Back & Chest


Hot Wax Bikini

Extended Bikini Wax

Hot Wax Extended Bikini

Hot Wax Brazilian

Hot Wax Hollywood

Half Leg & Bikini

Half Leg & Hot Wax Bikini

Half Leg & Extended Bikini

Half Leg & Extended Hot Wax Bikini

Half Leg & Hot Wax Brazilian

Half Leg & Hot Wax Hollywood

Full Leg & Bikini

Full Leg & Hot Wax Bikini

Full Leg & Extended Bikini

Full Leg & Hot Wax Extended Bikini

Full Leg & Hot Wax Brazilian

Full Leg & Hot Wax Hollywood